Hands & Feet

male manicure and pedComputer work, walking, driving, shaking hands, gardening, running, gym training…whatever you do and wherever you do it, your hands are on show and your feet are on the go, yet we rarely look after them.
Manicures are an essential tool for the modern businessman. Your hands will look and feel great after a manicure, giving you an extra professional edge when meeting people. Pedicures are a perfect  pre holiday treatment or when there is a chance your feet will be on show.  Here at MANicare we offer you a choice of manicures and pedicures using the luxur  Bio Sculpture Spa Range.
The Maintenance manicures and pedicures include a foot or hand soak, cuiticle tidy, nails filed and buffed, dry skin removed plus a hand or foot massage.  The Luxury manicures and pedicures have the added treatments of hand and foot scrub plus a luxury mask and heated mitten or boots to soften and rejuvenate tired hands and feet.
Luxury Manicure £30
Maintenance Manicure £20
Luxury Pedicure £40bio
Maintenance Pedicure £35