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Replenishing Body Lotion- A silky plant based moisturising lotion, can be used on a daily basis between your salon appointments to keep your skin in top condition. Botanical extracts proven to slow down hair re-growth provide additional benefits for regular waxers, while the uplifting fragrance of mandarin and basil will delight your senses.

240ml £22

Comfort Balm- Designed specifically for more delicate areas following hair removal, such as face, bikini and underarms. This fragrance – free balm is enriched with aloe vera, shea butter and panthenol to quickly soothe and protect sensitive skin. Regular use at home can help prevent ingrown hairs and slow down hair re-growth.

50ml £12

Nourishing Body Oil- A light, conditioning oil to comfort and hydrate the skin. Argan, hazel seed and sunflower oils will leave your skin feeling soft, supple and delicately fragranced with the scent of mandarin and basil.

240ml £24

Purifying Skin Spritz- Apply 2-3 times a day to prevent and treat bumps and pimples that appear on the back, chest, legs and arms after waxing. With effective anti-inflammatory and exfoliating ingredients to combat breakouts, this cooling mist may also be used in conjunction with our Multi-Active Ingrown Serum to tackle troublesome ingrown hairs.


Multi- Active Ingrown Serum- This triple action roller will help beat post wax bumps and ingrown hairs, inhibit re-growth and minimise the appearance of dark spots. Apply directly to the affected area up to 3 times a day until improvement is seen.

30ml £10

Protective Face Cream- Designed specifically for more delicate areas following hair removal such as face, underarms and bikini. Helps to combat the white spots post waxing.

50ml £12

Stretch Wash Cloth- An exfoliating large Wash Cloth for those hard to reach areas. Ideal for the chest and Back. It even has a pad to tell you when you need to replace your cloth as its worn out. A must for every waxer to help prevent ingrown hairs.


Exfoliiating Body Scrubber- A smaller exfoliating cloth ideal for those smaller areas . A must for every waxer to help prevent ingrown hairs.


Bio Sculpture Hands & Feet

Bio Sculpture Gel Remover- Removes Gel nails in minutes with a specially formulated Gel Remover solution designed to remove the gel, without damaging or dehydrated the natural nail underneath. After approximately 5-10 minutes, nails will start to peel off.

125ML £5

 Bio Sculpture Cuticle Oil- This nail and cuticle oil contains Almond oil, Jojoba oil, Advocado oil and Vitamin E. This will rehydrate the cuticle and the nail plate. 10ML £6

 Bio Sculpture Hand Lotion- Fast absorbing lotion with sun filter and grapeseed oil for a protective silky finish.100ML £7.50

 Bio Sculpture Heal Balm- Contains organic compounds and plant extracts softening hards callouses and dry cracked heals. 100ML £7.50

 Bio Sculpture Nail Varnish various colours to order £7.50

 Fake Tan Xen-Tan

XEN-TAN MOUSSE INTENSE WEEKLY SELF TAN MED/DARK- An easy to apply alternative to lotions and spray tans. The light foam texture glides on easily and dries immediately, so you can apply just before going out. A stunning, natural finish that lasts up to 7 days.

118ml £25

Aqua Vital ( Normal, Dry or Dehydrated Skin)

Formulated for all skin types that need hydration and oxygenation. 3D Hydra Aps is a revolutionary ingredient consisting of magnetized or polarizes water that produces rapid cellular hydration in 3 stages in the skin. Aqua Viatl is also enriched with Celletox, which increases the elimination of toxins accumulated in the skin. The combination of both of theseexclusive active ingredients increase overall moisturization from within.

Aqua Vital Xpress Make up Remover- Gentle skin cleanser that removes all traces of make- up. 500ml £18

Aqua Vital Lotion Toner- Toning lotion for dry and dehydrated skins. 200ml £16

Aqua Vital Mousse Radiance Cleanser- Wash off cleansing gel suitable for even the most sensitive of skins. 200ml £18

Aqua Vital Exfoliant- Facial exfoliator with environmentally friendly jojoba beads. Exfoliate the skin regularly to discover a softer and more luminous skin. 50ml £15

Aqua Vital Masque Vitalite- A creamy, rich mask for dry and dehydrated skins. 50ml £13

Aqua Vital Serum- Serum for tired, dry and dehydrated skins.30ml £20

Aqua Vital Crème Confort (dry skin)- A rich moisturing cream for very dry and dehydrated skins.

50ml £25

Harmonie (Sensitive Skin)

Sensitive skin is fragile by nature and reacts excessively to stress, pollution or severe weather conditions. Soothe skin sensitivity, reduce blotchinessand irritability with ANESI HARMONIE. Formulated with vegetable extracts like Gingko Biloba, Horse Chestnut, Aloe Vera and the exclusive calming complex Vidalys which all combined help delicate skin to recuperate comfort and reveal an evenly toned complexion.

Harmonie Gommage Douceur Peel- Soft and gentle enzymatic peel for very sensitive skin.

50ml £14

Harmonie Masque Capital Serenite- Calming soothing mask for highly sensitive skin.

50ml £14

Harmonie Serum Extreme-Serum to help calm and moisturise sensitive skin. 30ml £25

Harmonie Crème Eclat-Moisturiser to calm highly sensitive skin and rosacea. 50ml £20

Dermo Controle ( Oily, Active, Problem Skin)

Dermo Controle is an effective skin care program to normalize an oily t-zone while combating dehydration. It also seriously addresses acne and control bacteria formation. Purifying and healing ingredients unite to eliminate blemishes and unclog pores.

Dermo Controle Lotion Toner- Alcohol free toning lotion to matify the skin and heal spots.

200ml £18

Dermo Controle Gel Mousse- Cleansing Gel to help balance oily skin. 200ml £18

Dermo Controle Emulsion Purifante- Mattifying moisturiser for oily and problem skin.

50ml £15

Dermo Controle T-Zone Serum- Serum to mattify oily problem skin on the T-Zone area of the face. 30ml £25

Dermo Controle Correction Extreme – Night cream for oily skin and menopausal blemishes.

50ml £15

Anti Aging

Anesi presents its cosmeceutical range. Innovating professional skin care products capable of returning the skin to its youthful glow, recuperate firmness or simply plump it up. The exclusive Stem Cell C3 with vegetable stem cells delicately erases wrinkles and restores luminosity to unify skin tone.

Cellular 3 Glycolic Peel- Once a week glycolic peel for a skin lightening effect whilst reducing wrinkles. 30ml £35

Cellular 3 Booster Serum- Age defying serum , re-densifies the skin, refines the facial contour and diminishes wrinkle depth.30ml £40

Cellular 3 Renewal cream- Bio active anti- aging facial cream. 50ml £45

Dermo Tenz Gel- Botox effect listing gel -Tightening and lifting serum shows a reduction in wrinkle depth in just 5 minutes. Increases skins hydration level and provides instant brightness to tired skins. Perfect for men to use too! 30ml £30

Stem C3 Emulsion- Serum to brighten and illuminate dull skin. 50ml £35

CC Cream- Tinted cover up cream that gives a silky long lasting make up effect. This cream comes in light or medium colour tone. It reduces wrinkles and signs of ageing, fights pigmentation, brightens the ski smoothes lines, hydrates and protects from the sun (SPF50). The make-up effect lasts for 12 hours and is water resistant. 30ml £25

Body Creams

Anesi Body Crème Lipoaminocel- This slimming and anti-cellulite cream warms up once applied on the body and creates erythema. The Caffeine liposomes, Guarana and L-Carnitine extracts help to shape the figure and the body contour. It also contains Ivy extract to help with water retention. Apply once or twice a day after showering for best results. 200ml £35

Anesi Body Aminofirm Cream- This body cream gently melts into the skin to tone and restructure. Rich in organic siicon, milk extracts and Elastin to help tone and strengthen tissue elasticity. Apply once or twice a day to the whole body, paying more attention to the areas that need toning. 200ml £35