Why Wax?

Waxing has always been a popular choice for hair removal within the sporting community, however over the last few years its popularity has rocketed outside of these groups to now include guys of all ages and from waxing-5various backgrounds from builders to bankers to name just a few. Over the past 5 years the amount of men who wax has  increased by over 200% with 1 in 3 men turning to waxing.

Unlike shaving or hair removal creams, waxing removes hair by the root which will keep skin smooth and soft for much longer. There will be no hard stubble just a much slower regrowth of finer, softer hair making waxing a preferred choice of hair removal.

Today mens grooming is far more indepth than a quick visit to the barbers for a hair cut.
Men are grooming most parts of their bodies and generally feel that it is a natural progression to their everyday routines. By removing hair, many men feel more hygienic, they generally male waxing 5feel cleaner and fresher due to the fact that being hair free reduces body odour. It also helps to create the feel good factor as large amounts of body hair can often make a man feel unattractive.

There are numerous benefits related to waxing and the sportsmen. Hair removal is particuarly popular amongst swimmers with less drag in the pool, cyclists claiming to feel more aerodynamic and maintenance of cuts are made alot easier. Where as athletes claim to feel less wind resistence resulting in faster times. Generally hairless skin has advantages in terms of both comfort and performance. Wrestlers, body builders, dancers and strippers believe that a smooth hairless body improves muscle definition aswell as making the application of fake tans and oils alot easier, this is often considered more pleasing to the eye.
Male waxing and grooming is a growing trend as more and more men realise the benefits of hair free skin combined with the feel good, look good factor.